Dear Parents,

Starting Monday, March 31st the daily class schedule for Little House students will be changing. We will have playground time first thing in the morning due to the excessive heat that can occur in April and May in the 11 o’clock hour (which is when we currently have outside playtime.)

If you walk your child in to class in the mornings please have your child put his/her lunchbox in the appropriate cubby, and then escort your child to the playground. Please put sunscreen on your child before arrival at school if desired.

If your child goes through drive-through or goes to morning care then a teacher or safety patroller will escort him/her to the playground.

Parents are not allowed to stay on the playground in the mornings. Please say a quick goodbye at the gate, if you walk your child to class. If your child begins having trouble saying goodbye please use the drive-through services provided. Drive-through, especially for students who will be moving to a different class in the fall, can be quite helpful in establishing positive goodbye routines in the mornings.

Ms. Crystal

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