Dear Families,

            What a wonderful unit our study of China has been. The students have seemed to enjoy the new vocabulary, special presentations, and abundance of cultural works. This week we conclude our study of China and will begin learning about life cycles. The life cycle unit will lead into our garden unit study. These studies are quite complementary as the garden is full of life cycles– plants, beneficial insects, and even amphibians (frogs), and reptiles (lizards). There will be new work appearing on the shelves to correspond to our life cycle unit and our garden unit. There is a letter in this week’s folder providing details of the upcoming garden planting on Monday, March 3, 2014. Please speak to me if you have any questions after reading the information. Your child will be bringing to school six flowering plants of her/ his choice and two herbs of his/ her choice to plant. We will need volunteers on this date, as each child will be planting their flowers and herbs with the help of a volunteer or teacher. Parents who have participated in this in the past know how rewarding it can be. It is a truly special day that the Little House families enjoy each year.

             I hope you enjoyed Parent Night. A hearty thanks to everyone for coming and supporting your children at their work. The Chinese dragon dance is practiced in various stages for weeks leading up to the performance. First the students practice moving the struts independently of each other, up and down.  The students then practice moving the body together. Lastly they practiced with me, in the head and all of us moved together. They did a fantastic job performing it for the entire school’s population on Chinese New Year.

             Thank you to the parents who came to help with our Valentine card exchange. I greatly appreciate your help. I think Valentine’s Day is most special at the young ages. Learning to show love and appreciation for friends and family is an important skill. We enjoyed having you in our classroom on this special day.

                                                                        Have a wonderful weekend,

                                                                        Ms. Crystal

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