The Spring Parent Night for our class will be Thursday, February 13, 2014

The objective of Parent Night is for parents to watch their child in the classroom environment.  It allows parents to experience what work their child enjoys doing in class.  It gives your children a great sense of pride to show you their classroom and work.  Children need to work on a table or rug and need to only have one work out at a time.  Please remind your child of these rules if in his or her excitement he/she forgets to put up one work before choosing another.

Please leave your other children at home, or with a sitter, so complete attention may be given to your child who attends this class.  We really appreciate your cooperation in this matter. Siblings are not allowed at MMS Parent Nights. After care will be available during the times of our parent afternoon so siblings may attend after care if they are MMS students, 3 years old, and toilet trained.

The format of Parent Night is a split-class format. It will be somewhat different from the fall format because the children will be performing a Chinese dragon dance for all the parents together as a class. The first group of students will work from 4:00 pm – 4:35 pm. Parents will then move to the school’s basketball court. The second group of children will be dropped off at the class at 4:35 pm and parents will adjourn to the basketball court. The second group of children will perform the dragon dance with the first group (as a whole class) and then will move inside the classroom to show you their work. The first group will be dismissed to go home following the dragon dance.

Ms. Crystal

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