A Few Notes Concerning our Next Unit Study

  • In January and the first half of February we will be studying China. Chinese New Year falls on Friday, January 31st and the celebration lasts for two weeks, culminating in the lantern festival. The class will be learning about China’s culture, inventions, history, and languages. We will learn simple greetings and counting 1-10.
  • Students will be removing their shoes in the mornings prior to entering the classroom and will place a small picture label inside one of their shoes, and then will place their shoes side by side on an outside mat. Removing one’s shoes is a common practice in Asian cultures. It will also help your child practice taking off and putting on their shoes, an important Practical Life skill.
  • We will be having several special food and cultural activities throughout the unit study. If you or someone you know is Chinese and would like to share their culture with our class please contact me. If you or someone you know practices Tai Chi or Kung Fu I would enjoy having a presentation of these activities. There will be a special luncheon during the month, kite flying, and the lion dance at Parent Night in February.

Join us on

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