Dear Families,

October is proceeding at a fast rate with many exciting activities in the near future. The students have learned that each category of tool, such as saws, may have many different varieties within the category. The students were shown multiple types of saws and how they worked, a variety of hammers, and different drills. They have learned about the measuring tape and how in America we measure in inches and fractions of inches. They have learned how a level works and how the “bubble” of air needs to be in the middle of the lines for an item to be level. They have practiced using a level on the top of items and the side of items. The students have been shown angles on the polysquare and have practiced making lines using the polysquare. Next week the students will be exposed to chalk lines and will help me make lines on the sidewalk by plucking the strings. The students will learn about files and chisels and will learn about the numbers used to discriminate sandpaper grits.

Next Thursday is the fall festival. There are still people and items needed for our two booths, drinks and face painting. If you would like to spend the festival with your child and not volunteering then you may “buy” a shift. For $10 a shift can be covered for you and the charge will go on your tuition account. Thank you to the people who have already signed up or brought in drinks. There is a sign-up sheet outside the classroom with the class’ needs or you may check the website which can be accessed from the school’s website

Please buy tickets and attend the Fall Festival. It is one of the few events that the whole school, age two to eighth grade, enjoys together. Many of the staff members attend or work the booths. Even alumni return to enjoy the festivities. It is a special night. Your child may come in costume or in their everyday clothes. The Fall Festival ends with a “trunk-or-treat”.

Next Friday, October 25, 2013 is a teacher workday. There will be no school for children on that day. If you signed-up to bring in items for our trick-or-treating on October 31, 2013 then please make sure your items are in by Thursday, October 24, 2013. Teachers will be assembling the treat bags that the class will hand out on Halloween during the teacher work day.

Have a great weekend,

Ms. Crystal

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