The month of September is almost over and the students are beginning to follow the routine of the class with less reminders and redirection. Students are beginning to be able to choose work independently and their ability to concentrate is strengthening. I continue to have daily discussions and role play involving manners and social skills which will continue throughout their years here at MMS. Students are eating more at lunch and are having an easier time remembering to sit on their bottoms and chew politely. Students are working in the bathrooms to become more independent with their clothing. Hand washing lessons still occur often. The students have enjoyed working with fruits and vegetables this month and learning about nutrition. This week our orange juicing was especially popular. After each child juiced their orange half she/he drank the juice. I hope you enjoyed the pictures on facebook and shutterfly of class activities this past month.

The month of October will be an exciting month. The class will be beginning a tool unit, focusing on carpentry tools. This is an intriguing unit study for students as they learn new ways to quantify and interact with their world. The unit will begin with discussing safety, and safety will be enforced each day. The students will make their marks with chalk lines, will nail, chisel, and screw, will learn many new vocabulary words, and much more. You will have a chance to see our new work at Parent Night on October 8, 2013. This will be at the beginning of the tool unit so students will still be working on mastering the new activities and concepts. In addition to the tool unit there will also be Halloween activities and art projects. Please see the information in this week’s folder about volunteering on Halloween, October 31, 2013.

On a personal note, my mother will be having upper back surgery in mid-October in Atlanta. As my father is deceased, my brothers and I will be alternating helping her in the coming months as she recovers. I will be absent two days, barring any unforeseen circumstances, for her operation. These dates are noted on the October calendar. I am hoping this is all the class time I will need to miss. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

Warmest Regards,

Ms. Crystal

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