We will be celebrating Halloween on Thursday, October 31, 2013. Parents are welcome to participate in the morning activities. Please come in, with your child, if you would like to help with the festivities.

Please send your child to school already IN costume. Please send in a change of regular clothes in a labeled bag. (If your child refuses to put on their costume at home we will try to put it on at school, but we will not have time to dress each child at school before the trick-or-treating begins).

Trick-or-treating begins at 9:10 am. Students will trick-or-treat to the other Pre-K/K classes in small groups. The other classes will also trick-or-treat to our classroom. Our students will hand out treat bags to the other children.

The children will then parade through the elementary and middle school classes displaying their costumes!

Children will then be changed in class into their regular clothes, and their costumes will be placed in their labeled bags to go home.

We will watch a special video while children wait their turns to get their clothes changed. After everyone is changed we will have a special snack and then go outside to play. You may choose to take your child home following the Halloween festivities. No academics will take place on Thursday.

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