Important News!

The Fall Parent Night for our class will be Tuesday, October 8, 2013.

The objective of Parent Night is for you to watch your child in the classroom environment. It allows you to experience what work your child enjoys doing in class. It gives your children a great sense of pride to show you their classroom and work. Since your child isn’t used to being at school at this time during the day you may want to encourage your child with phrases such as, “Will you show me a work you like to do?” or, “Will you show me how to do this?” Occasionally, if this is your child’s first Parent Night, he/she may show hesitation, act upset, or be clingy. This is a normal behavior. By acting excited in what your child is willing to show you, you will foster confidence. Upon arrival your child will pick work to show you on a table or rug. They should choose work they have had lessons on. Please allow your child to choose the work they wish to show you. Not all children have had lessons on all the materials in the classroom. When they are done with the work they are expected to put it away and choose again, as they do each day during work cycle.

Children need to work on a table or rug and need to only have one work out at a time. Please remind your child of these rules if in his or her excitement he/she forgets to put up one work before choosing another.

Please leave your other children at home, or with a sitter, so complete attention may be given to your child who attends this class. We really appreciate your cooperation in this matter. Siblings are not allowed at MMS Parent Nights. The after school program will be available during the times of our parent afternoon so siblings may attend the after school program if they are MMS students, 3 years of age, and potty-trained.

The format of Parent Night is a split-class format. You will be assigned one of two time slots. Half of the class will attend in each of the two time slots. You must attend during your assigned time slot. Please speak to me if you have conflicts with the time slot you are assigned. The split-format allows for more space in the classroom so we can accommodate all the “big people” who wish to attend. See attached sheet for assignments. If you have any questions concerning Fall Parent Night, please speak to me at once.

Ms. Crystal

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