Dear Parents,

This week we began discussing fruits and vegetables in regards to health and nutrition. The students learned that some vegetables grow under the ground, some fruits and vegetables grow on bushes and vines, and that some fruits grow on trees. Although the botany definition of a fruit is the ovary of a flowering plant often we use cultural definitions for what constitutes a fruit or vegetable. Fruit (culinary) might be defined as any edible part of a plant with a sweet flavor, while vegetables (culinary) might be defined as any edible part of a plant with a savory flavor. The culinary definitions of fruits and vegetables may change culture to culture. In class we are focusing on the vitamins, fiber, and water that fruits and vegetables provide to our bodies, as well as visual identification of a variety of fruits and vegetables. Please see the paintings on display in the big room that the students completed using an artichoke, bell pepper, and apple last week.

This week the students completed a finger painting utilizing berry juices from fresh and defrosted raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries. This was a very tactile experience, allowing them to feel the whole fresh fruit and well as the texture of the fruit being crushed and the resulting juices. The students also made fruit smoothies this week which they consumed for snack. Thank you to the parents who brought in ingredients for the smoothies.

The students enjoyed Spanish twice this week with Senora Maria, had music with Ms. Liz Nelson, and had media with Ms. Jennifer. Spanish and music occur in our classroom, while we travel to the school media center for media time. Ms. Jennifer reads a story and sometimes sings songs and then the students may pick from shelves holding appropriately aged books.

Leela had her birthday walk this week, a Montessori tradition. Leela held a globe and followed the months of the year as she circled the sun, showing the passage of time throughout the year. She completed three rotations around the sun demarking her third birthday. The students then had a special snack of a small cookie. I welcome you to bring in a special snack on your child’s birthday and attend their birthday walk if you are available. Please speak to me prior to your child’s birthday to arrange any details. Small brownies, ice cream cups, rice krispy treats, small muffins or cookies are nice choices for the treat. Fruit and cheese is also a nice and healthy option.

Have a lovely weekend,

Ms. Crystal

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