Dear Parents,

What a marvelous first week of school it has been. I know that leaving your child in the beginning can be a very upsetting and trying time. I am very proud of how all the students and parents have been saying goodbye. The positive attitudes are so encouraging. The students have been adjusting remarkably well. They are beginning to choose work, use rugs, sit in chairs properly, and use manners when speaking to peers. We at MMS consider the first six weeks of class the adjustment period, and these students are already well on their way. In these first few weeks our main focus is classroom routine, expected behavior, and consistency in care and comfort of the child as they begin a new phase in their lives. I am always happy to answer questions and talk with you. Please email me at or leave a message, and I will happily return your call as soon as I am able. Beginning next week you will see me out in front of the school in the mornings and afternoons working with the Safety Patrol. Ms. Ursula and Ms. Kyra will be in the room at 8:45 each morning welcoming the class.

I will be hosting a Parent Orientation Evening this upcoming Thursday, August 22, 2013 at 6:30 pm in the classroom. This is a great time for you to hear more about the classroom goals and expectations and to hear about the Montessori philosophy. This event is for adults only. If only one parent can attend, I understand. I am looking forward to seeing you there if you are available. If you have multiple children in the school feel free to attend each class for part of the session.

Your child will be bringing home a folder in a canvas bag today. Please return the folder and bag each week. Your child will use this folder and bag throughout the year to carry their belongings home at the end of the week. If your child is full day and naps at school please have your child’s napping items arrive in the canvas bag along with their folder. This allows your child to be self-sufficient in carrying their own items. Your child does not need a backpack or additional materials each day.

I am very excited at how the students have progressed this week. There have still been a few tearful goodbyes, but this is completely normal. On Monday your child may have a hard time yet again since she/he has been at home for two days. This is also to be expected. Typically the children who have been upset in the mornings are able to be redirected within a few minutes. The full-day students are working on eating well for the first week of school. Due to new surroundings and the daily heat the students do not always eat abundantly the first few weeks of school. Sending fewer choices may allow your child to focus easier at lunch. I have been pleased with all the many healthy foods in the lunchboxes. These have allowed us to already begin talking about fruits and vegetables and good nutrition. Thank you for all of your support this week.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Ms. Crystal

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