Dear Families,

I am so excited you will be attending summer camp here at Millhopper Montessori School! We are going to have a wonderful time. I have taught in the “Little House” since 2001 and summer camp is always a fun adventure. There are many exciting activities, works, and crafts planned. We will be enjoying a dress-up day each week and a splash day each week (except for week one).

            Things to bring to summer camp:

  • A lunchbox, but only if you are full day. Students attending camp from morning – noon do not need a lunchbox. We do not refrigerate or microwave lunches so please plan accordingly. Icepacks will keep the lunch cool since they are stored inside in your child’s cubby.


  • A small blanket for naptime if child is full-day. We provide the mats. We will not send home the blanket except at the end of the week so please do not send in your child’s favorite blanket. Please ensure that it is appropriately sized for storage since large blankets can be cumbersome. No sleeping rolls please.


  • A change of clothes. These are in case of an accident or a spill. Please remember socks. If your child is staying for multiple weeks of Summer Camp we will keep the change of clothes until your child’s last week.


  • Diapers. If your child is in diapers please send in a full pack. Please do not send them in daily. We will store them for the amount of time your child attends summer camp. We provide the wipes. Do not put your child in pull-ups unless they have the side attachment strips (like a diaper)


  • A small picture of your child. This picture will be used to demark your child’s cubby. We do not use the picture that you may have attached to the application. Please bring a separate picture for the classroom.


Things NOT to bring:


  • Pacifiers. These are not allowed at school.


  • Diaper bags. Please just bring in diapers. We provide wipes and do not have room to store diaper bags.


  • Bottles. We encourage age appropriate Practical Life skills in this class. Baby bottles are not allowed or encouraged.


  • Drinking cups. “Sippy cups”, drinking cups, and juice boxes are only allowed in lunchboxes for lunchtime. Do not bring in a separate cup for drinking during the day. There is a water fountain on the playground. Water is also provided during snack time. Children’s cups are not allowed due to safety and health concerns.


There are times available on Thursday, May 29, 2013 for you to come and visit the class with your child if this will be your first experience at the school or you simply fancy a visit. Please call (352) 375-6773 to arrange a time that will work for your family.

Please also call me at the school’s number (listed above) if you have any questions prior to your child attending. I will be happy to discuss any concerns, thoughts, adjustment issues, or questions with you. I will be happy to explain more about the Montessori philosophy if you have questions. Summer Camp is a great transition time for new student. It is typical however for a child new to the school experience to be upset, sometimes for multiple weeks. My hope is to provide a positive experience for your child and to provide a fun and nurturing environment.

Once camp begins if you have concerns about your child’s adjustment please call. If I am not able to take your call at that specific time I will return your call as soon as I am able. You may also email me at I try to check my email during nap time each day. I am very much looking forward to our fun weekly themes this summer and being able to explore them with your child.


Crystal Sorrow

Lead Teacher Beginner’s Class


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