Dear Parents,

This week in the Little House we began learning about musical instruments. There is a selection of percussion instruments from different continents available for daily playing, and there will be instruments presented throughout the month as individuals share with the class. We will be discussing the classifications of woodwind, brass, string, and percussion instruments, will talk about the orchestra and composers, and will listen to a variety of music during work time. We already have three performances scheduled: Sarah Park (a student in Ms. Liz’s class and Little House graduate) will play the violin, Ethan’s Aunt Cassie will present and play a variety of instruments, and Ms. Christina Eckstein and Ms. Liz (the music teacher) will play a duet on the bassoon and clarinet and present their instruments. The children will learn about reeds, mouth pieces, bows, and other parts of instruments during April.

DEAR day went well. The students enjoyed the many activities, especially the fifth grade students reading to them on the field and then staying for lunch. Exposing students to different types of books and writing is important at every age. Next week the book fair will be in the big room. The middle school students will escort our class to the book fair so students may make their “wish lists.” You are not at all obligated to purchase these books, but it is a nice experience for the children, both younger and older.

Please remember that the family garden picnic is next Thursday from 11:30-12:30. Please bring a picnic lunch for your family and a blanket to sit upon. Shade umbrellas are also a good idea since the playground has limited sun. You may pick your child up from the classroom and spend time eating (on the playground) and visiting the garden. Children are welcome to go home with you following the event. If you will be unable to attend, please let us know in advance. It can be quite upsetting if your child is waiting for you and you never arrive. If we know you will be unable to attend we will set your child up on the teacher’s quilt with their lunch. This is a lovely annual event, and we hope all of our families will be available. Please feel free to invite grandparents, siblings, or other important people in your child’s life that might like to picnic with you. Everyone is welcome.

Please note that our schedule is changing, and we will be beginning the day with playground time next week.

Have a great weekend,
Ms. Crystal, Ms. Elizabeth, and Ms. Summer

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