Dear parents of senior elementary students,

I would like to welcome those whom are new and returning to our fourth and fifth grade class. I am excited about the new school year and can’t believe how quickly the summer flew by.

For those of you whom are new to the class, the fourth and fifth grade students utilize text books for history, science, math, and literature (novels). Each teacher that is responsible for a subject area or grade-level subject group will give your child his or her homework assignments, due dates, and notifications of tests. The class also uses JupiterGrades where most assignments are listed. Math progresses in a sequence and will not have a syllabus or a JupiterGrades entry. It is your child’s responsibility to keep track of his/her assignments. All of your child’s teachers count on your feedback if your child experiences difficulty with assignments. We are here to help.

One of the ways for the children to help themselves is to attend Study Hall. Study hall is available Monday through Thursday from 3:00 to 4:00 and provides a wonderful structure for students to finish a good portion of their homework with teacher assistance. Attending Study Hall is optional. If your child stays for study hall there isn’t another charge other than the regular after school fee.

Your child will be given a math placement test at the beginning of the year to determine his/her math group level. We have many small group math levels. Other subjects such as grammar, literature, composition, technology, Spanish, science, and history are taught in grade-level groups. The entire class is combined for physical education, art, music, speech, drama and debate. The weekly schedule of grade-level and ability-level groupings creates a flow that allows the students to learn in small intimate groups. The students also get individualized instruction when needed during the Montessori independent work time (IW).

As students get older, enforcing the dress code is vital. Please help in enforcing our simple guidelines. Please refer to your Parent Handbook for dress code specifications. It is school policy that students wear tennis shoes every day.

The supply fee provides for all lined paper, pencils (after the first pack provided by you is gone), text books and craft supplies. The supplies that need to be purchased by you are:

1. If your child is new to the class, please purchase a large 3″ canvas notebook that zips and has a variety of pockets in which to put things. If your child is returning to the sr. elementary class, he/she can use the notebook from last year. Please bring this notebook to the orientation or the first day of school with your child’s name on the outside.

2. One pencil holder that fits in the three-ringed notebook and one pack of pencils

3. At least four dividers to go in the three-ring binder (Math, history, grammar, spelling)

4. One 4 GB flash drive

5. Three text book covers

We will have a parent-student orientation and pizza lunch for all students new to the class and those returning who wish to come on the Friday before school begins from 12:00-1:00. I look forward to seeing everyone at orientation.


Christina Miller