• Bring in Folder (provided by MMS) to class each week.
• Practice speeches, debate, drama performances before presenting them.
• Be prepared.
• Attendance is Imperative

• Absences: If a student is out on the day something is due, the student is responsible for turning the assignment in on the day s/he returns to school. It is the student’s responsibility to find out what was missed. If a student is absent on a day a speech is to be presented, it is up to the student to see me for a make-up day. Because of the performance nature of this class, attendance is imperative. Excessive unexcused absences will detrimentally affect a student’s grade. Please remember: an absence impacts the individual student, and each student with whom he/she is working.

• Late Assignments: Five points per school day will be deducted for late assignments. If a student is at school on the day something is due, it must be turned in. Discuss special circumstances with Ms. Sylvia as soon as possible. Assignments will NOT be accepted more than two weeks late.

Grading Scale: A = 90-100%, B = 80-89%, C = 70-79%, D = 60-69%, F = 59% and below

50% – Assignments: includes longer-term homework assignments and multi-part projects

40% – Participation: includes discussion, in-class work, speech delivery debate delivery, drama presentations, rehearsals at school, behavior and attitude.

20% – Quizzes: short tests reviewing assigned reading and concepts covered in class

10% – Extra Credit: (for excessive absences only, as a way of making up missed REHEARSALS or PRESENTATIONS that you were not able to make-up.) A student may earn extra credit by seeing play or musical and write a detail critique for it or by writing a paragraph of how to make a good presentation, or see Ms. Sylvia for other make-up work. (a minimum of two paragraphs) 


Check JupiterGrades often! Scheduled assignments and quizzes will be posted there, as well as all grades.