Safety Patrol is available to all students enrolled at Millhopper Montessori School whom will be fifth graders for the 2014-2015 academic school year.

Your child’s grades and behavior will determine if your child is to remain eligible for the Safety Patrol program at the school. Your child may be pulled off Safety Patrol temporarily or permanently during the school year for trouble with grades or trouble with behavior. The students must maintain a C grade or above to be on Safety Patrol. Their overall academic achievement and behavior will be closely monitored throughout the year to remain eligible. If you agree to have your child apply to Safety Patrol each teacher will be contacted concerning your child’s academic and behavioral eligibility.

Morning Patrol: 8:35 am – 9:10 am   Afternoon Patrol:  2:35 pm – 3:10 pm

Please sit down with your child and discuss this very serious and time consuming job.  They will miss approximately 45 minutes a day of class time.  In addition to unloading and loading children, duties will involve greeting people, cleaning, and general safety and manners.

Consent Letter
Student Signature Application
SPIT and partrol spreadsheet 2014
Safety Patrol Application

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