As you know, one of the major curriculum areas in the Montessori classroom is Sensorial. Depending on the student’s visual discrimination capabilities, they are given lessons on size, form, and color in large and small group settings. In terms of shapes, geometric solids are presented first in the Montessori curriculum, followed by plane figures. Works have also been presented dealing with the tactile, auditory and olfactory senses. Students use their sense of touch to match fabrics, sort rough and smooth objects, and identify items in a mystery bag. The child’s sense of hearing is engaged as they differentiate between objects that produce sound and others that do not in our “Sound/No Sound” basket, as well as matching identical sounds in the Sound Cylinder work. Children love using their sense of smell to match fragrances. This week, they enjoyed smelling a variety of spices and created a spice painting which you will find enclosed in their take-home folder. The food preparation activities that the students will encounter this year will engage their gustatory sense.

The Week Ahead ….
Monday, September 1st: Labor Day, No School
Tuesday, September 2nd: September Food Preparation Signup Sheet Posted
Thursday, September 4th: Show-and-Tell (primary colors)
Friday, September 5th: Picture Day.

If you choose to send your child to school in dress shoes, please be sure to send in tennis shoes for playground time. Thank you!