Unit Studies

The solar system materials on our shelves are being replaced by works about flowers. The children willdissect seeds and discover how seeds turn into plants. The students will also learn about the anatomy of a flower, as well as various types of flowers.

Our geography and cultural studies will take us on a journey throughout Europe during the month of March. In addition to learning about the people, significant places, and animals of Europe, the children will get to sample many different foods, hear wonderful music and create art work from various European countries. If you are from a European country, we would love to have you come in and
share about your heritage and possibly assist us with our food preparation activities. Please leave me a note in the basket outside of our classroom or contact me at ceckstein@millhopper.com if you are interested. Thank you!

March Sign-up Sheet

A signup sheet will be posted on Monday morning for our St. Patrick’s Day party and other food preparation activities that we will have this month. Thank you once again for your generous donations!


Thursday, March 6th: beginning sound “g” (as in game)
Thursday, March 13th: beginning sound “l” (as in lemon)
Thursday, March 20th: free choice

Important Dates

Friday, March 21st | Spring Picture Day
Monday, March 24th- Friday, March 28th | Spring Break ~ No School


The middle school students begin internships next week. Our intern is seventh grader, Ari Johnston. She will have a variety of responsibilities such as assisting Ms. Lily on the playground, making materials for the classroom, helping students during the work cycle times and working with the children on special projects. So, if your child mentions the new “teacher” in the room, you will know who they are talking about!

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