Thank you to Ms. Jungmi Kim (Yale’s mom) and Ms. Jin Zhang (Lindsay’s mom) for their excellent presentation on the Korean and Chinese cultures. The students received a lesson on how to make dumplings and also enjoyed delicious jab-chai (noodles) and gal-bi (beef).

February Show-and-Tell
Thursday, February 6th: beginning sound “n”
Thursday, February 13th: two things that “go-together” (flower & vase; lock & key …)
Thursday, February 20th : beginning sound “p”
Thursday, February 27th: “solar system”

Valentine’s Day Celebration
We will be having a Valentine’s Day party on Friday, February 14th. If your child wishes to pass out valentines, please be sure he/she has one for each child in the class. There are 21 children in our classroom (two new students will be joining our class within the next two weeks). For ease in facilitating the passing out of valentines, please write who it is from (your child’s name) only. Thank you!

Parent Night Reminder
Our second Parent Night of the year is Tuesday, February 11, 2014. In order to accommodate enough space for everyone, the evening is broken up into two time slots, 4:30-5:15 p.m. or 5:15-6:00 p.m. Please be sure to sign up for a time slot on the sheet posted on the bulletin board outside of our classroom if you haven’t already done so.

Parent Night is an event for both parents AND students. Due to safety reasons and out of respect for all of the children in the class, siblings are not permitted to attend. Parent
Night is not a time for individual conferences. If you have specific questions regarding your child’s progress, please make arrangements to meet with me at another time. See
you at Parent Night!

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