February Unit Studies

This month we are blasting off into a unit about our solar system.  In addition to studying the sun and planets, the students will also uncover other wonders in our universe including asteroids, comets, meteors, constellations, moon phases and space travel.  In conjunction with our study of the solar system, we will be listening to the sounds of Gustav Holst’s, The Planets, as the children come to circle time.

Our artist of the month is Jacob Lawrence.  Lawrence was an African American artist who combined the visual arts with storytelling.  He used bold colors and graphics to depict African American heroes and heroines, historical events and everyday life.  After examining several of his paintings, the children will create their very own story in the form of a picture.

Important Dates in February

Tuesday, February 11th ~ Parent Night

The children are so excited about showing you the work they are doing in the classroom.  Please be sure to sign up for a time (4:30-5:15 or 5:15-6:00) if you haven’t already done so.  Reminder:  Parent Night is an event for both parents AND students.  Due to safety reasons and out of respect for all of the children in the class, siblings are not permitted to attend. 

Friday, February 14th ~ Valentine’s Day Party

 If your child wishes to pass out valentines, please be sure he/she has one for each child in the class.  There are 21 children in our classroom.  For ease in facilitating the passing out of valentines, please write who it is from (your child’s name) only.  Thank you! 

Monday, February 17th – Presidents Day
No School

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