The 100th Day of School is Monday, January 27th.  We will be doing work centered around counting to one hundred such as sorting and counting objects, the hundred board, and a class favorite, exercising to 100.  We are encouraging the students to do a special 100th Day project with their parents by finding 100 items and displaying them in a creative way (gluing on poster board, in jars, stringing on a piece of yarn or ribbon …).  This is a totally optional activity.  If you and your child decide to make a 100th Day creation, please bring it to school the morning of Monday, January 27th.

The children will also prepare a special 100th Day snack.  A signup sheet is posted on the bulletin board outside of our classroom if you would like to donate items.  Thank you!

Enjoy the long weekend.  See you Tuesday, January 21st!

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