We hope you all have a wonderful holiday break.  Our January calendar and unit study information will be sent home in the take-home folders the first Friday we are back to school in 2014.  Information you need to know before then ………

1)  School resumes Monday, January 6, 2014.

2)  Show-and-Tell on Thursday, January 9th will be free choice.

3) Send in an extra change of clothes that are appropriate for the cooler winter weather if you haven’t already done so.  Thank you so much!

Wishing you a joyous and blessed Christmas!


Ms. Christina & Ms. Lily

Dear Parents,

During the holiday season, we have been trying to emphasize the true meaning of Christmas:  loving others/it is better to give than to receive.   We talked about all of the things we have (lots of toys, clothes, food, house…) and that some kids in the world do not have as much as we do.

Throughout our discussion one afternoon, the students came to the realization that Santa was going to be bringing them new toys and that they could make room for them by giving away some of their old toys that they do not play with anymore (or clothes that are too small).  I told the children we would make special “Santa Sacks” that they could take home and fill up with the help of their parents.  The sacks would then be placed under their Christmas tree for Santa to take and then give away to other kids.

We also talked about how some families do not celebrate Christmas.  For the children that do not celebrate Christmas, we are calling them “sharing sacks.” I told them that mom or dad could take the sack to a store called Goodwill or other similar type of donation center.

Most of the children were very excited about showing love to others through sharing! Please let us know how it goes and if this is something we should continue to do in the future.


Ms. Christina & Ms. Lily


































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