Thank You

Thank you to all of the families who donated books to our class from the book fair.  We have enjoyed reading many of them already and look forward to reading the others throughout the year as they pertain to our unit studies.

Reminders about next week ……

Wednesday, December 18th

Family Holiday Sing-Along 11:30, MMS Big Room

Parents are welcome to bring a lunch and stay and eat lunch with us at the conclusion of the sing-along!

Thursday, December 19th

Class Holiday Party and Gift Exchange

Attached is a reminder about the gift exchange.  All gifts should be brought to the classroom no later than Wednesday, December 18th.  This is for students only.  All festivities will take place in the morning in order for our half-day students the opportunity to participate.

Friday, December 20th

Early Dismissal for the Preschool Classes

All children must be picked up no later than 12:00.

* If you have a child in Ms. Crystal’s class, you may pick up your son/daughter from our classroom at the conclusion of the craft party in Ms. Crystal’s class.

* If you have a child in Ms. Renee’s class or Ms. Elizabeth’s class, you may pick up your son/daughter from our classroom in time for them to attend the performance of their brother/sister at Unity Church.

Join us on

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