The holiday season is certainly underway in our classroom! Selections from Tchaikovsky’s “Nutcracker Suite” fill the air as the children come to circle, and is used during listening and movement activities.  Hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills are being honed while the children create ornaments, push-pinning and cutting works.  Other holiday inspired works including sequencing, matching, sorting, and counting are also classroom favorites.

We also started discussing and reading books centered around Hanukkah. In celebration of the Festival of Lights, the children will be making their very own handprint menorahs.

The children will also learn about the seven principles of Kwanzaa. Our Kwanzaa craft will be a mkeka, a mat on which the symbols of kwanzaa are placed.  The symbols include a unity cup, kinara (candleholder), mazao (fruits and vegetables), muhindi (ears of corn, one for each child in the family) and zawadi (gifts).

Holiday Family Sing-along

On Wednesday, December 18th, the preschool classes will participate in a family holiday sing-along at 11:30 a.m. in the Big Room at MMS.  Parents will sit on the floor in the Big Room with their child and will be led in holiday singing by our music teacher, Ms. Liz.   Since this is not a performance per se, your child does not need to dress up.  Parents are welcome to bring a lunch and stay and eat with their son/daughter in the classroom.

Holiday Party & Gift Exchange

Our class is having a holiday party and gift exchange on Thursday, December 19th.  Please sign up on the sheet outside of our classroom if you are able to donate items for the party.  Attached you will find further information about the gift exchange.  

Show-and-Tell Reminder

Thursday, December 12th - geometric solids” - anything in the shape of a sphere, cube, cone, cylinder, rectangular prism, ovoid, ellipsoid, or square-based pyramid (choose 1)

* Friday, December 20th:  “December Holidays” | Due to our class party on Thursday, December 19thshow-and-tell will be held on Friday, December 20th.

Friday, December 20th is early dismissal for the preschool classes. All children must be picked up no later than 12:00.

*If you have a child in Ms. Crystal’s class, you may pick up your son/daughter from our classroom at the conclusion of the craft party in Ms. Crystal’s class.

* If you have a child in Ms. Renee’s class or Ms. Elizabeth’s class, you may pick up your son/daughter from our classroom in time for them to attend the performance of their brother/sister at Unity Church.

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