Thanksgiving Feast & Sign-up

We will be having a Thanksgiving Feast the week before the actual holiday on Thursday, November 21st at 12:00p.m.  Your child will not need to bring a lunch the day of the feast.  If your child is a half day student, we would love to have him/he stay for the afternoon and celebrate with us.

There is a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board outside of the classroom if you would like to bring in items for our meal.  We are requesting some items to come in the day before so that the students can begin food preparation activities.  Thank you in advance for contributing to our celebration!


Thursday, November 7th:    beginning sound “c” (as in cat)

Thursday, November 14th:  “Thanksgiving” (ideas include objects, pictures or a book dealing with thanksgiving or an item or picture of something for which your child is thankful)

Thursday, November 21st:  “free choice”

Important Dates in November

Friday, November 8th
No School ~ UF Homecoming

Monday, November 11th
No School ~ Veterans Day

Thursday, November 21st
Thanksgiving Luncheon

Monday, November 25th – Friday, November 29th
Thanksgiving Break – No School

Join us on

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