Supplies Needed

Please recycle your plastic bags (grocery store, drug store, department store bags) by bringing them to our class.  We use them quite frequently to send things home such as Scholastic book orders, leaky lunch boxes and dirty clothes.  We are also in need of empty paper towel rolls for a project that we will be doing next month. Thanks!

Halloween Celebration Reminder

On Thursday, October 31st, the students will be parading and trick-or-treating around the school.  Please send your child dressed in his/her costume on Thursday morning.  Be sure to send along a change of clothes as the children will be changing out of their costumes at the completion of the festivities.  Please refrain from sending your child in violent, scary or cumbersome costumes.  It should be something that the child could change out of with minimal assistance and stored easily in his/her cubby.  Props such as toy swords, knives and guns are not allowed.  Thank you for adhering to these guidelines.

We would also love to have some parents help us out the morning of our festivities.  Please contact me at or leave me a note in the basket outside of our classroom if you are interested.  Thank you!

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