Our Study of the Human Body

The children are enjoying the beginning of our unit study of the human body. They have been labeling exterior body parts on the body mapping work in the classroom and will soon be making a Body Book. We have also discussed what our bodies need to be healthy: sleep, exercise and food.

Throughout the month of September, the children will learn to categorize foods into groups and will prepare many delicious recipes to enhance their study. Many of our food preparation activities coordinate with other areas of study and our show-and-tell themes. Some of our food preparation activities this month include: veggie cheese people, berry banana fruit cups (illustrating primary colors), and secondary color “milkshakes” (we will make blue, yellow and red milk, combine two of the colors, then shake it up for our milkshakes). We will also perform two experiments using eggs. The first will illustrate the principle of inertia and the second will allow the children to witness the strength of an arch. In the afternoon, we will have a taste test between scrambled eggs and hard-boiled eggs. The children will have the opportunity to whisk the eggs for the scrambled eggs and will peel and slice the hard-boiled eggs. Which one will win?

The students will also discover the wonders of the circulatory, skeletal, digestive and nervous systems. We will examine a model of the heart and use red and blue pipe cleaners to illustrate arteries and veins. The children will create their own skeletons out of pasta and beans after learning about the bones in their body – another great tie into our nutrition segment.

Also, be sure to look out for some great upcoming pictures of the children working with the Anatomy Apron!

Six Week Interim Reports will be sent home next Friday, September 27th.

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