Hello Science of Summer Parents,

Mr. Richard Aslanian and Coach Cam Parker are so excited that you have enrolled your child in their new and amazing camp.  This week is designed to remind our campers how great summer days can be spent outside, while teaching them about the environments we will explore.  There will be lessons about the springs while we are at the springs, lessons about fish while we fish, and much more.  We will also learn about Geocaching, which is essentially a modern day treasure hunt with the use of GPS devices.

Monday through Thursday we will venture off site (click here for the permission slip).  This mean, WE NEED DRIVERS!!   We have created a Google Doc that everyone can access.  Click here to check it out.  Please know that campers cannot be placed in front seats, so only list non-front seat available seat belts.  You will need to provide the front office this proof of insurance in order to drive if you have not previously done so.  Drivers will have their entrance fee to all trips paid for.  Come play with us!

In addition to your camp fee, you will be billed $20 for the cost of the trips.

On Monday and Wednesday, please send your child in comfortable summer attire, but not that tennis shoes and socks are required.  No flip flops, sandal, crocs, ballet flats, or anything else that are not tennis shoes please.

On Tuesday, Thursday and Friday please send you child to camp in their bathing suit with a change of clothes.  Girls should have short and a shirt over their suit, with a towel and clean underwear to change into once we are dry.   Boys can wear a shirt with their trunks but should have a towel, clean underwear and dry shorts to put on once we are dry.  If anyone’s shirt is a water shirt, then a dry shirt should be sent as well.  Sandals and Flip Flops are permissible on the springs day, but closed toe shoes should be worn on Friday for Splash Day.

A lunch should be sent each day.  Please be aware that on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we will be traveling offsite and lunches will be outdoors for a while.  We will not be taking coolers, so if you pack perishable items please do so in a lunch bag that will keep those items cool.  No coolers please.  Each child should have a water bottle each day.  We will take a cooler of water that campers can use to refill.

If you have any questions please contact Coach Cam at cparker@millhopper.com

We look forward to seeing your camper on Monday for the first day of The Science of Summer!


Mr. Richard Aslanian and Coach Cam Parker

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