Subject: Blue Springs/Last Day

Hi all,

What a great show that was on Friday!!!  The students really did a super job!

Monday is our annual trip to Blue Springs.  Please remember to pack a towel, lunch,
change of clothes and sunscreen.  If students wish to rent a tube it is an additional $5
Students are responsible for their belongings.   Thanks to the parents for driving.

We will have all new students do a swim test beforehand to judge swimming ability and
allowable activities.  Safety is our number one goal.  No one is allowed in the water until
the teachers are in place and have given approval.
We will return to school by 3:00 p.m. for pickup.

Tuesday is our last day of the school year.  Hard to believe.  We will have an awards ceremony
and found out who will win the House Cup Championship for this year.  We will also pack up
all folders and belongings to take home for the summer

Thank you to Ms. Liji for the presentation on India and to Ms. Tina for the presentation on Vietnam.  
We are very fortunate to have so many families participate in our class studies.

We hope to have final report cards finished by the end of the week. 

See you tomorrow,


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