Hello Very Patient and Understanding Parents!!!,

This summer weather sure is making our life fun this week, but we promise to persevere and have a great week with your kids.  We had a great day at Manatee Springs today!

The oh-so-dependable weatherman is suggesting scattered thunderstorms throughout the day tomorrow, but not starting until later in the morning.  Often, those storms wait until the afternoon to get started.  However, instead of going high risk/high reward with a destination 45 minutes away we are taking a safer approach with a destination a little closer.

Our current plan is to leave from MMS as soon as all campers are present and take the quick care ride over to Loblolly Park.  This is a trail with access to Hogtown Creek.  We know the boardwalk section is closed for repair, and we will utilize another section just south of 8th avenue.  We will park centrally between the creek and the bathrooms at Westside park.   The plan is to take our lunches with us and stay at the creek/park as long as the weather lets us.  We may be back onsite by 10:30, but maybe not until later if the sunshine stays around.  Hopefully, each camper will be returning with a few awesome items from their hunt in the creek.  This will be a very memorable and teach fromable (I made up a word!) experience for each camper.

So, please be sure you camper is on site by 9:00 a.m., a little early if possible (but please note that if they are dropped off before 8:45 they will be in morning care).  Pack a lunch as you have been and send them IN their swimsuit like you did today.  Campers won’t get soaked, but a little damp is possible.  We will change once back on site at MMS, so send dry clothes and a towel.

Drivers….sorry to have the plan keep changing, but if anything we are asking for less of your time.  Thank you for the flexibility.

Any questions?

Loving camp,
Mr. Richard and Coach Cam

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