Millhopper Montessori
Parent Teacher Organization
Meeting Minutes
September 12, 2013 at 6:00 pm


Meeting Minutes
September 12, 2013 at 6:00 pm

Officers:         Niya Dix – President

None – President Elect

Jennifer Curcio – Secretary

Constance Heuss – Treasurer

The Officers introduced themselves and Ms. Christina Miller  gave a welcome speech encouraging all to get involved.  All of the teachers present were acknowledged for their ongoing dedication and hard work.

Treasurer’s Report:  $ 7,432 in the current balance in the PTO account.

Last year’s accomplishments:  As a way to illustrate what the PTO does for the new parents and to bring all attendees up to speed on the last year’s projects, Deeta Adkins, former PTO president,  reviewed the last year’s projects.

The Middle School Retreat (or, “the Kingdom”)  the benches were put in and the space created to allow the middle school students a space of their own.  Also the pillars were installed and the PTO last year voted to fund an end of year tile for each graduating student that will be painted by the student and glazed at “DO Art” then installed on the pillars.

The Zen Garden was completed on the lower school playground.  Kudos were given to Ms. Liz Falls and the parents that participated in volunteering time and materials.

Safety Patrol Appreciation week was a hit with Blizzard Beach and Skate Station – Thank yous to Ms. Crystal for being the advisor.

Contribution to the 8th Grade dance.  The PTO donated money for the DJ.

Fall Festival:

Deeta Adkins and Laura Lentz presented what the Fall Festival is about in past years and what we are anticipating for this year.  A beautiful slide show presentation was given.  This year is the 5th annual “fun raiser” and each class volunteers for two booths.  Typically the class rep sets up these booths with the assistance of other volunteers.  These are then manned by either parent volunteers or purchased time which we pay sorority girls to fill.  This year we have new booths as follows:

Competition obstacle and big slide

Scooby Doo Bounce House

Velcro Wall

Minute to Win It game

Pumpkin Bowling

Question raised for group discussion regarding the International Food Booth.  Everyone loves it, but we did not have enough food last year.  Everyone wants it by a show of hands, but volunteers were fairly weak by a show of hands … a pre-sign up will be circulated via email and if the sign up is good we will do it and if poor will not.

A few more sponsors for the bigger booths are needed.  Tickets will be available Monday Sept 23rd; to ensure children can do everything and eat,  100 tickets are recommended.  There is NO RAIN CANCELLATION DATE.  Tickets are not refunded but will be honored the following year.

Class Representatives and Committees:  Class Reps are still needed.  Patrick Wilber signed up for Ms. Sherilyn’s class, Schachar Amdur and Rhea Bush signed up for Ms. Liz Falls.  For other class rep’s another email blast will circulate.

Committees that need volunteers include: Safety Patrol and Teacher Appreciation Weeks (Spring), Community Service, Fall Festival (Fall), and Knight Under the Stars (Spring) and The Health and Safety Committee.

Decisions Regarding Funds: This year we will need to make some decisions regarding channeling funds of the PTO.  Two projects that are known are the Middle School Tiles, and we wish to look into renting busses or vans for field trips.  We also typically give money to the  end of year show.  As other projects arise decisions will be made.

Not for Profit:  A presentation was made by Jennifer Curcio regarding the pros and cons of becoming a corporate entity and a not for profit entity with a 501©(3) designation.  The cost for Incorporation is approximately $178 for startup and then $160 for annual fees on an ongoing basis.  The cost for a 501_c3) application is approximately $450.. However, to do this it is beneficial to join another organization called  PTO Today to use their forms and advice.  This is a cost of $199.

After a discussion of pros and cons:  Cons are cost and paperwork Pros are    reduction of liability for the officers and school, tax deductible donations, income is not taxed (currently is as school income), can buy tax free.  Majority felt that it was in our interest to move forward with Incorporation, joining PTO today and then moving towards not for profit over the year.

MOTION – Move Forward with Incorporation and allocate funds (approx. $178) for the fees.  Seconded and carried unanimously.

MOTION – To become a member of the PTO Today organization and allocate funds (approx. $199.00) for the membership fee.  Seconded and passed unanimously.

Jennifer Curcio will incorporate the PTO and join PTO Today on behalf of the PTO.

Need a President Elect/VP – Jennifer Drow volunteered.  The position will be posted for 2 weeks to see if other volunteers come forward requiring an election and if not, then Jennifer Drow will be appointed (with many thank yous!).

Meeting Adjourned at 6:55 PM upon proper motion, second and unanimous carry.


Teacher Appreciation Gifts
Teacher Appreciation Gifts

adventure Each year the teachers and faculty of Millhopper Montessori School work incredibly hard to help our children learn and grow in a safe and healthy environment. During Teacher Appreciation Week we like to let them know how much we value their efforts. This year’s theme is designed to honor each individual’s interests and choices. As part of our Teacher Appreciation Week activities, the PTO Appreciation Committee is pleased to once again offer the opportunity to purchase for our teachers and staff a gift certificate to a local merchant of their choice. By many families contributing to the same gift, they are able to select something special. Participation is optional and we hope the program will alleviate some of the stress of this busy time of year. If you would like to participate, please place your order on this webpage or you may review the letter that was mailed to your home and indicate the dollar amount you wish to contribute next to the individual’s name. Please total all your contributions and return the form with cash or check (made out to MMS PTO) in an envelope to Crystal Sorrow by Friday, May 13, 2016. You may leave the envelopes at the front desk or hand them to Crystal directly. Gift certificates will be presented to each recipient during Teacher Appreciation Week with a card from the families who have contributed. Dollar amounts are not included on the card. Since the PTO is now a non-profit 501(c)(3), your donation may be tax deductible. Please speak to your tax advisor regarding tax deductions. If you are interested in assisting with planning Teacher Appreciation Week or if have any questions, please feel free to contact either of us at or Have a wonderful end of the school year! Missy Norman & Sheila Koon PTO Appreciation Committee

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