4th Grade Literature and Composition
with Ms. Jennifer Kuntz

How do you spell SUCCESS in 4th Grade Literature and Composition?

Show respect
For yourself, each other, the teacher, and the authors.

Use your mind
Think before you write or speak, and listen carefully to others.

Come to class prepared every day
Bring your writing journal, folder, and the novel, story, and / or poem we are currently studying.

Challenge yourself
Don’t just take the easy way out when completing assignments.

Express your creativity
Through your writing and your responses to literature.

Seek help
If you don’t understand something, ask! There are many resources available to help you.

Show your best effort
Reading and writing develop over time. Daily practice matters!

30 minutes of reading daily: Fourth graders must read a MINIMUM of 30 minutes per day – every day. Beginning in September, they will be asked to keep a daily log of their reading. The log should be turned in at the beginning of the next month.

Regular writing practice: Students will be personalizing an individual journal in which they will explore different types of writing. Writing prompts will be assigned on a regular basis.

Absences: If a student is out on the day something is due, the student is responsible for turning the assignment in on the day s/he returns to school. It is the student’s responsibility to find out what was missed.

Late Assignments: Five points per school day will be deducted for late assignments. If a student is at school on the day something is due, it must be turned in. Discuss special circumstances with Ms. Jennifer as soon as possible. Assignments will NOT be accepted more than two weeks late.


60% – Assignments: includes longer-term homework assignments and multi-part projects

30% – Participation: includes discussion, in-class work and behavior, and “quick” homework (such as worksheets)

10% – Quizzes: short tests reviewing assigned reading and concepts covered in class

Check JupiterGrades often! Scheduled assignments and quizzes will be posted there, as well as all grades.


• “Quick” homework worksheets will be due the next class day.

• Assignments will generally be due on Tuesdays.

• Quizzes on reading and concepts covered in class will be given on Thursdays, beginning the third week of class.

Homework / assignments should be turned in either directly to Ms. Jennifer, or to the basket on her desk in the Media Center if she is not available.

Other information:

Need to talk to Ms. Jennifer? Ms. Ms. Jennifer is generally at school from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. As long as there isn’t another class going on in the Media Center, students may come by and talk to her with questions or concerns. Email also works: jkuntz@millhopper.com .  If a longer conversation is needed, please set up an appointment.

Novels: The cost of novels ordered for use by the students will be billed to the parents by the school.

E-readers: Use of electronic reading devices is fine, but the student is responsible for taking care of them – and for purchasing electronic formatted materials or checking them out from the library.

Accommodations: If listening to an audiobook or some other accommodation would be helpful, please let Ms. Jennifer know. All students, regardless of accommodations, are expected to complete assigned reading and writing assignments, and participate fully in class.

Florida Writes: The Florida Writes state assessment is administered in-house in early Spring. This is not a part of the student’s grade. Results will be shared with the parents and used by the school to help identify areas instruction is needed.

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