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Olivia, Jr. Update

Dear Parents,

Olivia! Jr.rehearsals are in full swing. Everyone is very excited to be learning so much about London and the Victorian era. The students are embracing their posh or  cockney accents, and are enjoying speaking and singing in the accent.

During our full run-throughs at school, which begin on April 26, the students come to the rehearsal area during their part and then exit after they have performed it to continue that days lessons. In this way regular classes are not preempted, just moved to a different time-slot. Our rehearsal style is unique, but our formula works and that is why Millhopper Montessori School students are so well rounded. Even though we are not a performing arts school, our students still get the benefit of performing and learning about teamwork, ensemble and become more confident individuals.

The middle school program accounts for the end of year show rehearsal schedule when outlining and planning lessons for the school year. Monday afternoon classes were scheduled so that the first part of the school year is used for Yearbook and Technology classes. During the second half of the school year, Yearbook classes end with the culmination of the yearbook production and then turn into show rehearsal classes. Technology classes continue in tandem to rehearsals through individual projects. Middle School Math and Language Arts lessons on Friday full rehearsal days are cancelled but that has been taken into consideration when creating lesson timelines. Other classes that are scheduled for full rehearsal days have been shifted to Individual Work Time spots so that the majority of them are also intact.

Thank you so much for getting in your commitment forms and costumes sizes in to us, we will start the costume process next week. Some parents have asked about the black tennis shoesfor girls. Either black tennis shoes or black flats will be acceptable. Boys can wear black tennis shoes or black high tops. Some characters in the Middle School classroom and the Fourth/Fifth Grade Classroom will wear black dress shoes.  Fourth/Fifth Grade leads have been asking about after school rehearsals. I will be emailing parents for your availability. These rehearsals are typically once a week and are 30 minutes long. They will begin the week after Spring Break. Thank you for your enthusiasm!

Ms. Liz Nelson and I look forward to another great performance. We will be adding rehearsal photos to our Olivia Junior Events Page on Facebook so be sure to check them out! As always please email me with any questions.

Thank you for support,

Ms. Sylvia Aslanian
Millhopper Montessori School
Drama Director – saslanian@millhopper.com

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