2013-2014 Classroom Information

Millhopper Montessori School

School starts on Monday, August 12th for ages 2 through Kindergarten and on Monday, August 19th for 1st through 8th grades! Welcome letters and classroom information have been posted to all teacher websites.  Be sure to visit your respective teacher’s website for more information!


Drama Camp Update

Millhopper Montessori School

Dear Parents and Students, It has been a very busy three days learning choreography, lines, cues and blocking. Please make sure your child is going over their lines and cues at home. We need your help to make sure your actor is rehearsing at home since we will be adding more and more steps for… Read more »

Week 6 Summer Camp with Coach Cam and Ms. Sam

Millhopper Montessori School

Hello Parents! We are ready to wrap up the summer with a wonderful week.  O’ the Places We’ll Go will venture offsite each afternoon to visit places around town that kids can stay active.  Attached are links to google docs for drivers (click here) and the permission slip (click here).   There is an additional… Read more »

Summer Drama – a two week Performing Arts Intensive

Millhopper Montessori School

July 8 – July 19, 2013   Millhopper Montessori School’s Summer Drama – a two week Performing Arts Intensive.  During the two weeks of drama camp, students will be immersed in vocal training, choreography, learning lines and cues and team work. At the end of the two weeks the students will present MMS Club, their… Read more »

The Return to Bedrock Pre/K Camp

Millhopper Montessori School

Dear Parents, The Return to Bedrock! The study of Dinosaurs is always one of the most favored themes in our classroom; the children are fascinated to learn about them.  As we talked about what the dinosaurs might have looked like and what our world was like when they roamed the earth, you can see the… Read more »


Welcome to Invention / Animation Camp

Millhopper Montessori School

This week ideas will become reality. Students will brainstorm, create, build and animate. In Invention Camp students will have the opportunity to play with gears and motors, as well as construct and build. They will learn about many different inventors and inventions to help them design their own. In Animation Camp they will discover the… Read more »

Invention Animation

Sports Camp (Aquatics) Detailed Info.

Millhopper Montessori School

June 18, 2013 Hello Parents, Thank you for registering your child(ren) for Aquatics week at MMS. This is poised to be an eventful and memorable week. Please take the time to read all the details, as those details are what will make the week run smoothly. This group will venture off site every day, and… Read more »


Aquatics Camp Update

Millhopper Montessori School

Parents! Enrollment for Aquatics Camp the week of June 24 – 28 needs to be finalized no later than Tuesday, June 18th at 9:00am so that we can solidify our reservations. If you are interested in having your child attend but haven’t yet turned in your paperwork, please be sure to do so no later… Read more »

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