Hello parents,

Thanks for a great first game.  Given that most on the team have only practiced 3 times, I think we did pretty well.  Lots to work on though!  We have the early game this week, so please show up at 8:15 to get a little practice in.  Also, got some folks singed up for snack, need a few more time slots filled.  Please contact me to grab one of the remaining spots if you can and haven’t already signed up.  Thanks.  Practice today at 4:00, as always.


Week 1            1/11/2014        11:30:00          Beckett

Week 2            1/18/2014        8:30:00            Rahman

Week 3            1/25/2014        10:30:00          West

Week 4            2/1/2014          12:30:00          May Lee

Week 5            2/8/2014          8:30:00

Week 6            2/15/2014        11:30:00          Janu

Week 7            2/22/2014        10:30:00

Week 8            3/8/2014          10:30:00


Thanks again and go Knights!


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