Hello MMS Hoop Parents,

Hopefully you should have received an e-mail with the basketball game schedule in the last few days.  If not, here it is.

Don’t be fooled by the name, it is the right link. First game is January 11th.  We will be starting up practice again on Monday January 6th.  We are apparently the only team without a bye, so we will be getting our monies worth this year!

I have put all 8 games in the google doc and would appreciate if folks start to sign up for snack days.  Beckett is gluten free, not sure if there are any other allergy issues on the team.  In general fruit is good, potato chips, or fruit chews.  If you bring something else, no big deal, we will have back up if we need it.

Thanks so much for supporting the team and I encourage you to get your kid outside and shooting and dribbling during the break!  Happy Holidays to you all, see you in the new year.

Go Knights!

Coach Ian