Hello, my name is Ian Baldwin and I will be the coach for this year’s MMS K-1 basketball team that your daughter or son has been signed up for.  I am also Beckett’s father, who will be on the team as well.  I am looking forward to teaching them about my favorite sport and will encourage teamwork, fun, and learning.  I have coached for several years from K-5th grade, so your kid is in good hands.  With that said, I can always use an extra hand at practice or at games if you are interested.

We will have practice at 4:00 at MMS on Mondays.  We will have 2 practices before winter break.  They will be on 12/9 (this upcoming Monday!) and 12/16.  We will pick up practice again on Mondays after the break. I don’t believe game schedules are out yet, but will be on Saturday mornings at Oak Hall starting in January.

I will be sharing a google doc with you all shortly with our roster, connection information, game times, and a snack sign up for the games once we know when they are.

Please respond back to this e-mail so I know you got this message, and you are on board with practice. Feel free to ask any questions you might have.  I look forward to the season and meeting you and coaching your kids. If you need to reach me directly, feel free to call me – 352-318-4765.


Join us on

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