Please let us know if you are able to volunteer in any of the following areas:

Rehearsal at PK YONGE May 29th:

Three parents to help with Costumes, putting on students, and help hanging up after the rehearsal. (Cannot be drivers) Students have to be back by 3:00pm

Show – May 30th
Lobby Committee
Chair:  Lonnie Phillips


Three Door Monitors:  
Arrive at 4:00 pm
Front Entrance is for actors only

  • One to Monitor Door
  • One to walk students to dressing room
  • One to Monitor back door – no entrance allowed unless part of Aladdin Kids
    production, sometimes PK Yonge students try to enter.

ALSO: Help after show to monitor student pick up

Stage Clean Up After Show:
Help break down the set, load cars, take items back to MMS. Unload items at MMS.

Teacher Appreciation Gifts
Teacher Appreciation Gifts

adventure Each year the teachers and faculty of Millhopper Montessori School work incredibly hard to help our children learn and grow in a safe and healthy environment. During Teacher Appreciation Week we like to let them know how much we value their efforts. This year’s theme is designed to honor each individual’s interests and choices. As part of our Teacher Appreciation Week activities, the PTO Appreciation Committee is pleased to once again offer the opportunity to purchase for our teachers and staff a gift certificate to a local merchant of their choice. By many families contributing to the same gift, they are able to select something special. Participation is optional and we hope the program will alleviate some of the stress of this busy time of year. If you would like to participate, please place your order on this webpage or you may review the letter that was mailed to your home and indicate the dollar amount you wish to contribute next to the individual’s name. Please total all your contributions and return the form with cash or check (made out to MMS PTO) in an envelope to Crystal Sorrow by Friday, May 13, 2016. You may leave the envelopes at the front desk or hand them to Crystal directly. Gift certificates will be presented to each recipient during Teacher Appreciation Week with a card from the families who have contributed. Dollar amounts are not included on the card. Since the PTO is now a non-profit 501(c)(3), your donation may be tax deductible. Please speak to your tax advisor regarding tax deductions. If you are interested in assisting with planning Teacher Appreciation Week or if have any questions, please feel free to contact either of us at or Have a wonderful end of the school year! Missy Norman & Sheila Koon PTO Appreciation Committee

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